Best Value
The current li-ion market is very scarce as supply struggles to keep up with the demand. Electric vehicles and similar products are in HIGH DEMAND and as a result the price of li-ion cells has greatly increased. We will always do our best to bring you the lowest available prices while never sacrificing the quality of batteries we offer.

                        Genuine Authentic Cells
With many websites, wholesalers and auction sites offering fake or outdated cells it can make if difficult to know what you're buying unless you're a trained engineer. We have a long track record of offering only the best in quality. We offer grade A, sorted, genuine cells with fresh production dates only.

                                    Fast Delivery
We know you want your orders fast and strive to deliver on this! Orders are shipped daily, M-F, from Atlanta, GA. We offer same day processing for all orders received prior to 4:00 pm EST.